I have been a freelance consultant and developer for over a decade and have helped clients in varous industries to 'tame' their Information Systems in a wide variety of ways.  With a background in general IT services, specializing in relational databases and custom application development, I have a special talent and finesse for understanding and solving problems with large and disperate information systems and processes within an organization (large or small).  I have designed, written, and implemented many different types of systems including:
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Proposal Generation
  • Invoicing, Accounts Recievable, and Reciepts
  • Sales Territory Management
  • Out-Paitent Services and Employee Assistance contract management systems
  • Contractor Bid Management
As technology and customer needs began to look toward Web-driven services, I expanded my 'toolset' to include full web site and web-based-application development.  To see some of my recent website projects, click here.

I also helps to manage hardware systems for individuals and businesses.  Working with Grace Computers, Inc., based in Quakertown, PA, Andrew is able to offer remote support and managed services using state of the art web-based solutions.  This means that when you need help... I... or one of my partners can be right there with you on your local machine, with a simple phone call.  See Services for more info.

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